Discreet sexperiences in-a-box that will forever change your bedroom game.

Talking about what you want in bed can be hard — but it doesn’t have to be!

The KinkKit takes away the guesswork of sexploration with easy-to-follow activities and games, leaving you and your partner to focus on one thing: mutual pleasure

Incredible sex has nothing to do with the positions you try or the kinks you are into. It's about the bond you have with your partner.


That's why we designed The KinkKit to boost communication with several easy-to-follow games and activities that show you how to use the toys in the box... while talking about your desires!


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The KinkKit is for you if...


you are a human being of any gender or sexual orientation

you are 18+


you want to deepen your bond with your partner

you have any level of sexperience 


you are exploring your sexuality

you want to improve your communication about sexuality & intimacy

you want the love life that you deserve

you are open to sexperimentation



with instructions

several pleasure toys
curated for the games

unique themes each quarter

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