The Art of Control Activities & Resources

Powerplay is the sexual exchange of power: in this kind of sexploration, lovers safely explore ways to dominate and submit to each other. In the mainstream, sexual powerplay is more commonly known as Domination and Submission, or D/s. What many don't realize, though, is that ALL couples engage in powerplay. This kit is about exploring your sexual power styles. You may find that you prefer one sexual style to another - however, we HIGHLY recommend trying out BOTH power styles for each game before you settle on just one role.

It is beneficial for both of you to experience the vulnerability, trust, and exhilaration of submitting to your lover, just as it is important to practice taking control and experiencing your lover's submission. Not only will you gain the intimacy of sharing these experiences, you will also be able to better empathize with your lover as they play the opposite power role. This empathy is important to building and maintaining an equal power dynamic.

One more note before you dive in: forget what you may have heard about Dominance and Submission from mainstream media. Despite what you may think, the lover playing the role of "Submissive" is the one who holds the power.
Why? Read more here.

Read on for BONUS GAMES, more fun options and suggestions for ways to play each of your games, and some kinky playlists!

Art of Control Games

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Bring some extra fun to your sheets with this lovely Sexperiment Funsheet, which not only asks couples to identify their comfort level with the listed acts, but also to indicate their level of knowledge of each.

YES, AND smaller (1).jpg

Using the "Yes, and..." principle from improv theater, lovers create their own erotic scene and act it out. 

REMOTE CONTROL smaller.jpg

BONUS GAMES: Lovers practice controlling each others’ good vibrations in different scenarios.

Please or Punish smaller.jpg

This versatile activity gives a simple card game of Truth or Dare a naughty powerplay twist.

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Happy Endings is our aftercare card. Read on to see examples of how to make sure both of you are feeling happy, comfortable, and well loved!

Wait for It smaller.jpg

Lovers each practice and hone their domination and submission mindsets with a sexy fill-in-the-blank.

FUCKET LIST smaller.jpg

BONUS GAME: In this activity, lovers work together to build a variety of sexy bucket lists.

Kinky Ink smaller.jpg

In this game, lovers will intimately "ink" each other with henna cones, creating hidden temporary tattoos.

Stoplight FRONT (1).jpg

Lovers use guided massage to practice a more specific, direction-friendly version of a single safeword.

Kinky Playlists to Get You In the Mood