Congratulations on becoming the owner of a new KinkKit!

Below, we've compiled some additional resources and suggestions for some of the activities we have in the Kit.

The Art of Presence Activities

Pleasure Mapping (4).jpg

This game is off-the-charts sexy! Map your lover’s pleasure points with hands and toys.

Untitled (24).jpg

This massage is all about the TEASE. Touch everywhere BUT erogenous zones. An excellent warmup to Pleasure Mapping.

JPEG image-A658C4B7280C-1.jpeg

Lovers paint love notes on each others' skin... then have to guess what was painted.

Untitled (21).jpg

Happy Endings is our aftercare card. Read on to see examples of how to make sure both of you are feeling happy, comfortable, and well loved!

Sensory Service (1).jpg

Lovers serve each other with a routine that appeals to the 5 Senses. 

JPEG image-D63FDBE20BD8-1.jpeg

X Marks the Spot in this competitive body painting game! Who will get the most booty??

JPEG image-7B3B7795519C-1.jpeg

You’ll want to keep your eyes open for this one. Take some moments to simply “be” with your partner.

Kinky Playlists to Set the Mood