The Art of Self-Discovery Activities & Resources

Are you ready to connect with yourself, love?

We paired with love coach Laurie Davis Edwards of The Worthy One to bring you this holistic self-love kit, replete with several pampering and emotionally nourishing activities. From 60-second refreshing breaths, to goddess baths, to full-on solo date nights, you will enjoy every minute of treating yourself — without wondering how to get started!

This special online portal contains extra games, a special 30-day Date Yourself Challenge, more fun options and suggestions for ways to play each of your games, and some kinky playlists!

Art of Self-Discovery Activities

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These breathing exercises help you tune out of distractions and connect with your sensuality.

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In this activity, you will activate the pleasure centers of your body, creating what we call a “pleasure map”.

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Could you pick your vulva out of a lineup? It’s time to get to know your other, other best friend.

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Soak and relax like an Egyptian queen in your own goddess milk bath.

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In this activity, you’ll be reconnecting with yourself and reflecting on your self love for your body.

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Find a partner to join you for this activity.

Kinky Playlists to Get You In the Mood