6 Ways to Turn a Car Trip into a Sexcapade

Car sex is a great way to add variety to your sex life, not only because the size constraints of the car forces you to be creative with your positions, but also because there is an added "risk" element that many find arousing (and if you do, you may be an exhibitionist! Check out our 8 suggestions for how to safely and sexily indulge your inner exhibitionist - without the public indecency citation).

First things first: Under no circumstances should you do anything sexual while the car is moving!

1 - If you're going on a long road trip, plan out your sex spots on GPS beforehand.

That way, even though the ride can get boring, you have something spicy to anticipate -- and there's nothing that makes a long drive more exciting than the promise of an extra-sexy rest stop. Tip: Don't actually do it at a designated highway rest stop - it's too crowded. Exit the highway and find a secluded area to park. If it's very early, or super late, parking lots are often a safe bet.

2 - Plan a sexy car playlist to get you both in the mood.

Some sexy science: want to train your brain to get turned on? Only play this playlist when you’re driving to a nooky spot. A little Pavlovian exercise; except, instead of salivating at the sound of bells, you’ll be getting turned on at the sound of these sex jams. Want some inspiration? Try one of our Spotify playlists created here for this very reason.

3 - Go commando, or wear a dress or skirt to help the action start faster.

Also, it's more discreet.

4 - Create your own private space.

Think about investing in some window shades. Sun shades for the front dashboard and windows are great accessories to keep your outdoor tryst truly private.

5 - Always Be Prepared.

Keep towels, extra lube, condoms, and sanitary wipes in your console or dash so that you can be prepared. Sanitary wipes are a great way to handle any sticky aftermath, and not stain your seats, of course.

6 - Play it Safe.

If you're going to be in public, take care to stay decent. If you're too worried about an indecent exposure citation to enjoy yourself, try some nooky in your garage to start. You’ll get the thrill of sexperimentation and novelty without having to worry as much about getting caught. Then, when you get more comfortable with it, you can try going elsewhere.

Have fun riding!

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Candice Smith