The Different Types of Erotic Spankings

Redder is better! Read on to see the 6 different types of spankings and see which appeals most to you.

Erotic Spanking:

Erotic spanking is a sensual or sexual spanking intended to arouse the couple. Generally, erotic spankings increase in intensity. These spankings can be playful and are intended to be enjoyable for both parties. The Bottom may experience a rush of endorphins and increase in sexual desire. The erotic spanking may also include a mixture of sexual touch. Erotic spankings may increase on the pain scale, but depends on the preference of the couple. 

Roleplay Spanking:

Roleplay spankings can technically fall on their own spectrum, as they can include any of the other spankings in this list: the difference here is that the Top and Bottom come up with a fantasy scenario to act out. A more common scenario involves the Top in some position of authority discovering the Bottom has misbehaved or broken a particular rule. The pain scale can range from lightest to heaviest, depending on the nature of the fantasy the Top and Bottom wish to enact.

Therapeutic Spanking:

A therapeutic spanking is a non-sexual spanking intended to help the submissive achieve emotional release, usually through tears. Within a therapeutic spanking, the Top is looking to break down the submissive’s emotional walls or bottled up stress. Therapeutic spankings are often done by hand so that the Top can more intimately connect with the Bottom.

Maintenance Spanking:

A maintenance spanking is a non-sexual spanking that keeps the Tom and Bottom in usually keeps the Bottom . Often, though not always, the goal of a Maintenance Spanking is to reinforce the bond between the Top and Bottom and keep the Bottom in a submissive headspace. For relationships that play with Discipline, Maintenance Spankings could be a reminder for the Bottom to behave and obey the rules and structure agreed upon. 

Punishment Spanking:

Non-sexual spanking intended to teach a lesson to the Bottom. A punishment spanking is not intended to be enjoyable for the Bottom. The objective of a punishment spanking may be to tears, or to the Bottom’s contrition, or to remind the Bottom of the Top’s disappointment in their actions. The Top’s right to enact Punishment Spankings is agreed upon beforehand (and, as with anything else, the Bottom still must consent to receiving a Punishment Spanking). 

Hardcore Spanking:

Hardcore spankings fall into the realm of Discipline and SadoMasochism (the DSM of BDSM, though D/s also stands for Domination and submission). A flogging, caning, or whipping could be considered at the extremes of a spanking or impact play. The Bottom may be physically restrained in a hardcore spanking, and the primary intent is to deliver and receive pain. Sexual arousal may or may not be involved.

If you want to practice one or all of these types of Spanking, our SPANK Kit - created in conjunction with Dirty Lola - not only helps you open up the conversation, but also introduces new games to think about Erotic Spanking (there’s even a SPANKING CARD GAME!)!

No matter what kind of spanking you are interested in exploring with your partner, make sure that you discuss and negotiate together what your interests are. Happy spanking!