We studied the science behind great sex -- so you don't have to.

The brain is our largest sex organ. So our sexperiences cater to your brain - not just your body. Our sexpert researchers have distilled years of research about sex and intimacy into our sexperience games.

What's in a Sexperience?
Our games have more than just good looks.


But you don't have to worry about any of that science-y stuff. Our kits take away the guesswork of sexploration with easy-to-follow activities and games, leaving you and your partner to focus on one thing: mutual pleasure

Creating and maintaining intimacy can be tough, and talking about it can be even tougher. So we've created the world's first hands-on "sex ed" for adults: what we like to call "sexperiential learning". With each themed box, you'll play games that help you and your lover learn more about your likes.

Sexual communication is one of the most important life lessons we will ever have ... and yet we have to learn by trial and error! 

Sexperiential Learning: It's like Sex Ed, except better.

Sexperiential learning is a revolutionary new sex education curriculum designed just for adults.

The goal? For lovers to learn each other's needs, wants, and desires... all while sexploring together.

hands-on, pleasure-based sexperience games

adaptable to any level of sexperience

curated intimate items to help build a sexy, sensory experience

build a common language of intimacy with your lover

every sexperience will be different

discover your mutual kink

Each box is curated around a important theme of intimacy. Discover our themes below.