Want to know the secret to incredible sex?


Despite what porn would have you believe, you don't have to twist into a pretzel and have Olympic-level stamina (though if you can, good for you.. we’re jealous).

The secret is: good communication.

Of course, if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. Let's look at some U.S. stats**:


We get it - being open about your desires can be tough - and getting your partner to open up may be even tougher, whether you've been together a decade or just one night.

We created the KinkKit to teach couples how to communicate effectively about sex through the safe, sane, and consensual principles of BDSM -- leading to more satisfying sex, and more fulfilling relationships.

Wait a minute. did you just say “BDSM”?

Yes we did - and don't worry! Whether you're a novice to kink or fifty shades of freaky, our KinkKits make kink approachable through activities that require couples to communicate, so that they can explore their deepest desires and fulfill each others’ needs.



Each kit contains:

special instruction cards

spicy games

erotic challenges

and naughty toys

So let's talk about sex, baby!

Our kits are available on a recurring subscription, shipped once a quarter. Each KinkKit has a different theme and contains several unique erotic scenarios - so you and your partner can enjoy the box many times over.

Our first box is about the Art of Foreplay.

We're coming December 2017 - how about you?

We love giving Just the tips. 

'Just the Tips' is where you'll find helpful information and suggestions to spice up your playtime, while keeping things safe, sane, and consensual.