Art of Arousal: Love Inspection

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The Love Inspection is about inspecting your lover with love and respect, with the intent to learn more about what makes them tick and where they are sensitive. We have often been conditioned to think that pleasure can only be obtained from focusing on sexual organs — which has to be one of the least sexy ways to describe those areas, am I right? — but that’s not so. Everyone has sensitive areas all over their body that, when stimulated in the right way, could be pleasurable. 60% of adults surveyed said they wished their lover would kiss them on their neck more, for example. Some people love to have their feet touched. Others find a light touch on the inner thigh or a nibble of the earlobe to be very pleasing. These are known as “Erogenous Zones”, and that is what you are looking for in the Love Inspection activity. Don’t hesitate to look in random areas such as an elbow or behind the kneecap… your “Patient” may not even know about these erogenous zones themselves! 


We have mentioned this one in other activities, but one of the best practices to ensure continued respect, especially during intimate situations, is a simple question: “May I …?” 

“May I …?” is such a simple question, but the gesture of asking, even when both partners have consented, immediately offers respect and renews trust in both lovers that they are both excited about the prospect of what is to come. This question is especially valuable when the Doctor is about to touch a sensitive area or known tickle spot of the Patient. The vulnerability of being inspected can release different emotions in people, and what may be exciting for one person could be a trigger for another — even AFTER they have previously consented. Be sure to keep those lines of communication open throughout the entire activity.


Be sure to debrief with each other afterwards (as recommended in “My Grateful Valentine”). 

For the Doctor: Did you learn anything new about your lover? How did it feel to have that power of inspecting and teasing your lover’s erogenous zones? What did you appreciate about the experience? What thoughts were going through your mind? 

For the Patient: Did you learn anything new about yourself or your body? How did it feel to be inspected by your lover? What did you appreciate about the experience? What thoughts were going through your mind? 


Download and print or save this image on your phone to reuse: 

doctors notes.png


We don’t need to know any details you don’t wish to share, but we would love your feedback on this activity! Send us a message at 

We hope you enjoy this Love Inspection activity, and encourage you to try out the alternate Kink It Up variations after you finish it the first time!

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