Art of Self-Discovery: 30 Day Date Yourself Challenge

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30-Day Date Yourself Calendar

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Day 1: Love letter to self

Write a love letter to yourself using the little envelopes included in your kit. Seal it with a kiss and close it up for a later date.

Day 2: ‘Goddess bath’ activity

Grab your Aphrodisiac Bath Bomb and indulge with a goddess milk bath — because you’re worth it, love!

Activity in link below.

Day 3: 5-minute Sensuous Dance Workout   

Start your day with this 5-minute sensuous workout from Coco Berlin. Click the embedded link for the introduction!

[Coco’s full dance workout is available here.]

Day 4: Make Yourself Blush

Write down 5 things you adore about yourself today.

Day 5: ‘Mirror, mirror’ activity

Hey girl. You know you look good. Remind yourself just how good you look with this Mirror, Mirror activity.

Day 6: Start of Dress-Up Week

Put on a dress you love, even if it’s just to wear for yourself around the house.

You’ll be doing this once every day for the next week!

Day 7: Dance Naked Around the House

On this date, channel your inner risky business and get footloose in the nude!

[Heads up, you’ll need to find a trusted partner who you feel you can confide in for day 12]

Day 8: Write yourself a forgiveness letter

We’ve all had moments where we were unkind to ourselves. Write yourself a letter of forgiveness in today’s date challenge.

Day 9: ”I Am Lovable” guided meditation

Use your DoTerra wild orange oil in a spray bottle or dab onto your throat & wrists for a quick refresh, then complete this guided meditation.

Day 10: ‘You Are Vagical’ activity

Can you pick your vulva out of a lineup? It’s time to get to know your other, other best friend.

Day 11: Mantras For Love affirmations

Use your DoTerra wild orange oil in a spray bottle or dab onto your throat & wrists for a quick refresh.

Day 12: Overcoming shame Part I

Complete day 1 of your Overcoming Shame Challenge with your partner.

Day 13: Sleep Naked (in fresh sheets)

There’s nothing quite like sleeping naked in fresh sheets.

This is the End of your Dress-Up Week.

Day 14: Massage yourself

Light your aphrodisiac massage oil candle and scoop out some of the melted oil. Spend at least two minutes massaging your legs, arms, and body.

Day 15: Shower with your eyes closed

Alternatively, shower with the lights off and with lit candles around the room so you can see in the dark. We highly recommend playing some mood music and using your favorite shower scrub.

Day 16: Overcoming Shame Part II

Complete day 2 of your Overcoming Shame Challenge with your partner.

Day 17: Love Letter to a Friend

Write a little love letter to a dear friend today. Maybe it’s someone you haven’t connected with in a while, maybe it’s someone you see every day. Either way, it’s lovely to send, and lovely to receive. Tell your friend how much you care about her. (Bonus points for using snail mail!)

Day 18: Tease Yourself

Today’s date is all about Edging. Your challenge is to Tease yourself to the brink of orgasm - twice. It’s up to you if you want to go over the edge.

Day 19: Kiss Yourself

Remember those good old days of tweenhood where you practiced your kissing technique? Some of us did it with our pillows, others with our hands. Today, give yourself a little kiss in the mirror…or, just kiss whatever body parts you can reach cause you’re feeling yourself.

Day 20: Overcoming shame III

Complete day 3 of your Overcoming Shame Challenge with your partner.

Day 21: Tantric Arousal

Practice these 4 breaths in the morning after you wake up to heighten arousal. We recommend

Day 22: Choose ONE song to listen to every morning to get into your sensual side

Music has an incredible power to influence our mindsets and emotions. Pick a song (or playlist) to jam out to as you get ready in the morning. Pretty soon, you’ll be feeling yourself.

Day 23: Take yourself out on a date

It’s not often that we woo ourselves, but we should! However you like to be treated, take yourself out on a date today - whether it’s 20 minutes with a good book, taking a class on groupon, eating out, going to a movie, or staying in with some Netflix and vibes (you know what we mean), take yourself out on a date the way you would like to be treated.

Day 24: Overcoming Shame IV

Complete day 4 of your Overcoming Shame Challenge with your partner.

Day 25: Masturbation Mapping

Take some time to map out the pleasure centers of your body. Activity in link below.

Day 26: Watch an empowering movie
or show that passes the Bechdel test

In this challenge, you’ll be watching an empowering movie or show that passes the Bechdel Test. To pass the test, the movie or show must have: 1) at least two [named] women in it who 2) talk to each other about 3) something besides a man. (Surprisingly, there aren’t many, but the list is growing!)

Invite your favorite badgal(s) over for a night of snacks and empowering marathons, or just enjoy your flix solo!

Day 27: Goddess Visualization Exercise

Visualize and activate your inner goddess with this awesome 5-minute Goddess Visualization exercise by Rhoda Shapiro.

Day 28: Overcoming shame V

This is your final time during this 30-Day Challenge to practice Overcoming Shame V with your partner - though we encourage continuing after the challenge officially ends! Take a moment to talk with your partner about what you have learned or realized.

Day 29: Text a friend to tell her you appreciate her

Share the self-love energy you have been building within yourself over the past 28 days with a beloved friend or two. Send them a random message expressing your love.

Day 30: Write another love letter to yourself and open your first letter from day 1

Write a love letter to yourself, just as you did during Day 1. Then, open up your letter from Day 1 and compare them side by side. Were there any differences?

You did it, love! You finished the 30-Day Challenge.