Art of Arousal: Acupincher

Here you can find some additional information on the “Acupincher” activity and additional suggestions to enjoy the activity even further.


The Acupincher is about giving your partner a fun massage with a bit of pinch to stimulate adrenaline and get your lover’s skin sensitive (which could awaken Erogenous Zones and is a perfect way to arouse in a way your lover may not have experienced before). We included a little color-coded diagram of common acupuncture zones to help you figure out where to trace on your lover’s body, so you have a sense of direction. We suggest marking down which colored trails your lover enjoyed the most! 


This spiky pinwheel is quite small and tame, but it is a good practice to determine an agreed-upon verbal word or non-verbal signal that indicates to stop immediately, should the Receiver wish to stop at any moment — this ensures continued enthusiastic involvement by both parties. 


Be sure to debrief with each other afterwards (as recommended in “My Grateful Valentine”). 

For the Giver : Did you learn anything new about your lover? How did you like giving that massage? What did you appreciate about the experience? What thoughts were going through your mind? 

For the Receiver: Did you learn anything new about yourself or your body? How did you like the pinch of the pinwheel? Did you find any particular areas were more sensitive afterwards? What did you appreciate about the experience? What thoughts were going through your mind? 


We don’t need to know any details you don’t wish to share, but we would love your feedback on this activity! Send us a message at 


We hope you enjoy this Acupincher activity, and encourage you to try out the alternate Kink It Up variations after you finish it the first time!

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