Art of Arousal: Erotic Sculpture

Here you can find some additional information on The Erotic Sculpture activity and additional suggestions to enjoy the activity even further.


The Erotic Sculpture activity is about Sensory Deprivation and Trust-Building. Sensory deprivation has an important role in intimacy-building exercises because it’s not only about heightening arousal, but by willingly submitting to your lover and dulling your sight and sense of sound (and restricting your movement), you are making yourself vulnerable. Likewise, your lover then takes on the responsibility of respecting this vulnerability and trust you are offering. 

We purposefully designed the Erotic Sculpture activity to place the submitting lover, or “Clay" into an even more vulnerable position, as they are putting their body on display for their lover. This is why it is especially important for the “Sculptor” to whisper compliments in their lover’s ear — it shows verbal appreciation and respect for the “Clay’s” vulnerability.

Lastly, we gave roles of “Sculptor” and “Clay to help both lovers get into a role-play mindset and encourage them to have fun with the activity! If this activity seems intimidating at first, just remember, you’re acting out a role! The Sculptor examines the lovely piece of artwork they are sculpting, and the Clay stands as silently as possible, soaking up the admiration and adoration with each soft caress and compliment.


Additionally, one of the best practices to ensure continued respect, especially during intimate situations, is a simple question: “May I …?” 

“May I …?” is such a simple question, but the gesture of asking, even when both partners have consented, immediately offers respect and renews trust in both lovers that they are both excited about the prospect of what is to come. This question is especially valuable when the Sculptor is about to bind the hands of the Clay; being restrained releases different emotions in people, and what may be exciting for one person could be a trigger for another — even AFTER they have previously consented. Be sure to keep those lines of communication open throughout the entire activity.


Be sure to debrief with each other afterwards (as recommended in “My Grateful Valentine”). 

For the Clay: how did it feel to be in that position? Was being vulnerable in this way for your lover exciting, or did it bring up other emotions? Be sure to discuss openly — everyone will have a different response. How did you like the verbal affirmations and compliments? What did you appreciate about the experience? What thoughts were going through your mind? 

For the Sculptor: how did it feel to have that power of touching your lover wherever you wanted, and knowing they didn’t know where or when the next touch would come from? Did you notice anything different about your lover that you never previously had? What did you appreciate about the experience? What thoughts were going through your mind? 



We don’t need to know any details you don’t wish to share, but we would love your feedback on this activity! Send us a message at 

We hope you enjoy this Erotic Sculpture activity, and encourage you to try out the alternate Kink It Up variations after you finish it the first time!


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