Art of Presence: Happy Endings

"Happy Endings" is this Kit's aftercare activity. Want to learn more about aftercare, and why it's so important? Read the information below the Happy Endings card!

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Aftercare is such an important process in intimacy-building, even if the activity you had just completed was not sexual. It is a method of communication that can be verbal or non-verbal, and allows both partners to check in with each other and ensure that both are feeling safe, happy, respected, and loved. Here are some listed examples of Verbal and Non-Verbal aftercare:


1) An "Intimacy Huddle": Talking/debriefing particulars and sharing emotions and thoughts about the experience you just shared. Definitely talk about the exciting parts of the experience, but also try not to shy away from embarrassing or vulnerable moments -- those, too, are an important part to acknowledge and discuss. Sample questions:

  • What was something we did that you loved? 
  • What was something you wish you could have done more of?
  • What worked? 
  • What didn't work?
  • What do you want to try again?
  • How did you feel when ___ happened?
  • Did anything make you feel uncomfortable? If so, what? 

2) Texting or calling each other if you are not physically together to check in. 

3) Continue expressing gratitude for each other and share little tidbits of what you thought was an especially exciting or fun part of the experience (This should ensure that you try that particular thing again!).


1) Cuddling

2) Showering together

3) Massaging

4) Touching each other when you are in the same space.


No matter if you try the Happy Endings activity after each of the KinkKit activities, or try something else in the list above, it is important to always practice one Verbal or Non-Verbal Aftercare after an intimate activity.


We don’t need to know any details you don’t wish to share, but we would love your feedback on this activity! Send us a message at