Art of Control: Please or Punish

Game Design: The Method to Our Madness

In "Please or Punish", we designed a powerplay activity that can be modified to fit nearly any traditional game; in this kit, we decided to pair it with a couples' card game of Truth or Dare. This not only allows couples to practice their intimate communication, but it also adds an erotic powerplay element to the game. 

The game also demonstrates how a powerplay dynamic can be fluid (and still equal). Essentially, from Round to Round, the active Player is the Submissive, and the other player is the Dominant ready to carry out the Reward or "Funishment".

This game also demonstrates how the Submissive is the one who truly holds the power in the dynamic, as the Submissive decides whether or not to follow the directions on the card - the Dominant is simply carrying out the Reward or Funishment. In other words, the Submissive determines what the Dominant's actions will be. And, as always, the Submissive can stop gameplay, Rewards, or Funishment at any time by using a safeword. 

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Ways to Kink It Up: 

  • The Dominant can determine whether that round will be a "Truth" or a "Dare" round. If the Submissive (active player) does not wish to complete that Round's card, they will instead submit to a "Funishment". 
  • Funishment Rules can be "stacked"... so if a Submissive has already earned a Funishment, they can earn multiple Funishments as the rounds continue.

    More Examples of "Funishment" Rules

    • Oral/Hand Service: The Submissive must pleasure the Dominant with hands or mouth during their Round.
    • Erotic Spanking: The Submissive must submit to an erotic spanking over the Dominant's lap throughout the entirety of any "Truth" card.
    • Tickle: The Submissive must present their Feet/Armpits/Sensitive Area to be tickled for no less than 10 seconds.
    • "Don't Stop!": The Submissive may not stop their round until the Dominant says so. 

    More Examples of Rewards

    • Oral/Hand Service: The Dominant will pleasure the Submissive with hands or mouth during their Round.
    • Erotic Spanking: Because who said it can't be a reward, too?
    • Funishment Freebie: The Submissive gets one Funishment Freebie if they lose a round (they don't get a reward, either, but they don't get a funishment). Only once per game.

    Submissive Safe Space: 

    Remember: at any time during play, the Submissive may be following the directions from the Dominant, but the Submissive maintains the power to set limits and stop play at any time. Giving up control, even if one is not putting oneself in a dangerous physical situation, can be psychologically triggering. Kneeling with a blindfold or having hands bound can trigger feelings of paranoia or claustrophobia, among other things. Always keep your lover's safety in mind.