Art of Control: Remote Controlling

Read on for game design, more options to play, and how to charge and care for your vibe.

Game Design: The Method to Our Madness

There are so many fantastic options for games, we couldn't pick just one. So we put them all together here. We chose a remote controlled vibrator as the headliner toy of this KinkKit because it's a fantastic toy for powerplay. One lover controls the vibration speed and strength, and the other lover consents to wear said vibrator under his/her clothing. The vibrator is discreet and quiet enough to

Sexy Laundry

Use the remote vibe to tease your lover around the house while doing chores. Keep the vibes going until your partner is begging for release. Laundry has never been so sexy. 

Netflix & Chills

Put on a movie and pick a rule (ex. Every time a character talks to his/her love interest). Turn the vibe on every time that rule comes up. It's like a drinking game, but sexier. 

Out and About

The remote vibe is subtle enough to be worn under clothing in public. Use discretion, of course. If you want an easy and discreet introduction to outdoor play, go for a 10 to 20 minute walk outside. 

Push the Button

Use with the Love Button Arousal Balm on sensitive spots (clitoris, head of the penis) for some extra-good vibrations.

Dominated From Afar

If you are separated from your lover, give the remote to the lover wearing the vibe and send texts with directions to turn the vibe on or off.

Kink It Up

Use the remote vibe with any of the KinkKit games (it goes well with games from previous boxes, as well)!


Remote Controlling.jpg

Ways to Kink It Up: 

There are already many ways to use this vibe according to your comfort levels, but you may dare to make these games spicier based on your location... just remember to use discretion. You can also use "Funishment".


If you haven't played "Please or Punish" yet, funishment is a "fun punishment", such as a tickling, light spanking, teasing, or orgasm control. Funishment must be set ahead of time and agreed upon by lovers before play. The Remote Vibrator is fantastic for Orgasm Control or Orgasm Denial; a Dom could just set it on light and "forget" it! ;-)

Submissive Safe Space: 

Remember: at any time during play, the Submissive may be following the directions from the Dominant, but the Submissive maintains the power to set limits and stop play at any time. Giving up control, even if one is not putting oneself in a dangerous physical situation, can be psychologically triggering. Kneeling with a blindfold or having hands bound can trigger feelings of paranoia or claustrophobia, among other things. Always keep your lover's safety in mind.

Remote Vibe Care

  1. Wash your vibe with soap and water.
  2. Only use water-based lubes, not silicone. Silicone lube on silicone toys will degrade the toy over time. 
  3. Charge your vibe for a minimum of 60 minutes before use. 
  4. Insert the thin, round end of the charger into the base of the vibe. The insertion point is marked by a series of circles that looks like a bullseye.
  5. When using the remote control, point it directly at the vibe and hold it for a couple of seconds. The remote control is less effective between walls, but works well up to 15 feet if pointed in the direction of the vibe.