Art of Control: Wait For It

Game Design: The Method to Our Madness

In "Wait for It", we designed a straightforward powerplay activity that allows the Lead/Dominant to practice exercising their power, while the Follower/Submissive practices submitting to the directions of the Lead.

We added a little communicative twist to this game, as the couple has to determine who masturbated last, in order to roll first. We hope this sparks a fun conversation, and gets lovers into a naughty mindframe. If lovers happened to masturbate at the same time, change the metrics: Who came first? Or, Who looked sexier while doing it? Or, Who used a toy last?

We created a fill in the blank so that the lover practicing their Dominant power can have something to write, but not have to feel put on the spot to come up with the whole game. Feel free to change any of the wording. We have included some examples of how the game can be filled out, below.

Two elements of this game help the lover playing the Submissive role enter the more Submissive mindset.

  1. The Submissive must follow the rules that the Dominant puts forward. The Submissive has to follow specific directions in regards to positioning, location, what toys to use, and what clothing to wear.
  2. The act of "waiting" also puts the Submissive further into a submissive mindset.
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Wait For It BACK.jpg

What each of the blanks mean: 

#: Pick a number of minutes your Sub has to wait.
Position: Pick the position you want your Sub to assume.
Place: Pick a place you want your Sub to go... is it the bed? The couch? On the floor? Bent over the kitchen table?
Clothing On/Off: Decide whether you want your Sub's clothing to be on or off. You can also decide to tell your Sub to wear a particular item of clothing, such as lingerie.
Give Direction: Decide what you want your Sub's hands to be doing. 
Title: Decide what you want your Sub to call you. There are any number of titles your Sub can use for you. Here is a short list of ideas...

  • "Love/My Love" 
  • "Sir/Mister/Miss/Madam"
  • "Mr./Mrs./Ms. [Last Name]" 
  • "Daddy/Mommy"
  • "Master/Mistress"
  • [Name of Your Choice]: to amp up the roleplay/fantasy
  • "Lord/Lady"
  • "God/Goddess"
  • "Captain"
  • "Professor/Doctor"
  • "Your Highness"
  • [Any nickname you want]... because this is your fantasy.

Sample Fill-in-the-Blanks:

  1. "I will come back in 10 minutes. When I do, I expect to find you face down, ass up on the bed, with your clothing off and your sexy black lingerie on. Your hands will be behind your back with the cuffs and your eyes will be closed. You will have the remote vibe inserted and the arousal balm out. Text "Yes Sir" to confirm." 
  2. "I will come back in 1 hour. When I do, I expect to find you bent over the kitchen table wearing nothing. Your hands will be stretched in front of you and you will have tied one of my silk scarves around your eyes. You will have the lube on the table next to you. Text "Yes Mrs. Jane" to confirm."
  3. "I will come back in 15 minutes. When I do, I expect to find you on the bed wearing nothing. You will be touching yourself for me with your eyes closed and your headphones on playing a Spotify playlist. You will have your vibrator out and on. Text "Yes Daddy" to confirm."

Ways to Kink It Up: 

There are already many ways to customize this game according to your comfort levels, but you may choose to make the game spicier by adding Inspection and "Funishment".

When playing with the Inspection twist, give very specific positioning instructions, and add the sentence "I will inspect your obedience when I return." Once the Dominant returns, their lover must go still and allow themselves to be inspected to make sure they followed directions exactly as asked. "Inspections" may involve some light poking, pinching, caressing, tickling, and prodding. Other ways to give positioning instructions include: room setup, perfume or cologne application, shaving or applying lotion, hair styling, makeup application... the possibilities are endless.

If you haven't played "Please or Punish" yet, funishment is a "fun punishment", such as a tickling, light spanking, teasing, or orgasm control. Funishment must be set ahead of time and agreed upon by lovers before play. Funishment can be incorporated with the normal game or with the Inspection twist. If the Submissive has not followed directions to the Dominant's liking, a Funishment may be administered... also, the Submissive may choose to directly disobey the rules, if they want to trigger a Funishment. Have fun with it!

Submissive Safe Space: 

Remember: at any time during play, the Submissive may be following the directions from the Dominant, but the Submissive maintains the power to set limits and stop play at any time. Giving up control, even if one is not putting oneself in a dangerous physical situation, can be psychologically triggering. Kneeling with a blindfold or having hands bound can trigger feelings of paranoia or claustrophobia, among other things. Always keep your lover's safety in mind.