Founder's Story


Our founder Candice is a sex educator and Harvard grad in the study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. A Teach for America alumna with a Masters in Education, she initially founded an edtech company providing virtual intervention to underprivileged students. As an educator, her main focus was on increasing engagement through gameplay and Experiential Learning projects.

Years later, when the #metoo movement began, Candice realized that our flawed sex education system was impacting more than just our limited knowledge of sexual anatomy - it was keeping us from healthy intimate communication as adults. Years of Experiential Learning work with students had shown her the power of the tool in building confidence and communication skills. She realized this approach could be used to redefine sex education - namely, helping adults have better sexual communication and more intimate relationships. In 2018, she co-founded Two to Tango with her love and partner Luke and created Sexperiential Learning™, a new kind of sex education for adults with a hands-on, pleasure-based curriculum in a box. By exploring these “sexperiences” in a box, she hopes couples “find their flavor” and learn a new way to communicate about intimacy - so that everyone wins!