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Our most requested Kit provides a safe, exciting exploration into the art of spanking (a.k.a. Impact Play). Learn the right way to give a spanking (there’s so much more than “bend over and go after it”!!), explore with different sensations for pleasurable pain, and have fun playing games for SPANKS!

This KinkKit Includes:

12 Sexperiential Learning™ Games: These SPANKING games and activities were co-created with Dirty Lola!

Private SPANK portal: That’s right, this Kit comes with extra online content, including printable activities, informative articles, game variations, and more!

“Singapore Stinger” Wooden Paddle: Ouch!! This little paddle packs a sweet sting. Be sure to calibrate the intensity of the swings with your lover before play, and always set a safe word before you begin!

Arnica Bruise Soother Butter: This hand-poured salve from The Butters contains a magical arnica mixture that is perfect for soothing sensitive, spanked skin and reducing bruising. External use only.

Body-safe Surgical Marker: Use these body safe surgical markers to mark up your lover’s booty pre-play. Check out our portal for fun game suggestions!

Mini Plastic Ruler: Swish swish, bish! Even a little plastic ruler can elicit a good sting.

Pair of Textured Paint Brushes: Who knew paintbrushes could be used for spanking play?? We did, and now you do, too!

Vampire Gloves: These mini-spike-studded gloves from Kinklab pack a bite - literally! Great for scratchy sensations pre-spanking. Instructions for use inside Kit.

“Bottoms Up” Booty Matching Cards: We created these booty-matching cards with games to amp up the fun of a spanking. Who will win… and who will get spanked?


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Receive a new KinkKit every 3 months,

starting with SPANK.

(four boxes per year).

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…or, get Just the Tips.

Use your own toys, but get all the benefits of our Sexperiential Learning™ games.

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“Just the Tips” includes:


Our “Bottoms Up” card game, with several options for hours of gameplay!

A SPANK booklet with over a dozen games designed by our Head Sexpert Candice and our SPANK partner Dirty Lola

Evergreen access to our SPANK content portal, with several EXTRA games, printable content, and articles answering your questions about Spanking!


Get SPANK: Just the Tips
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About Our Partner

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Dirty Lola is a sex educator, storyteller, and sex toy peddler who has made her name making sex education fun and empowering. Lola hosts Sex Ed A Go Go, New York’s only sex positive and body positive live talk and variety show hybrid, where adults can ask sex-ed and industry professionals frank questions about their bodies, fetishes, and sex. One of her most popular workshops is her live spanking demonstration.