Short & Sweeties

Short & Sweeties

For these short games, we decided to give lovers a chance to make spanking a playful and competitive experience.

The larger societal narrative around erotic spanking dictates that one partner is usually the spanker, and the other is the one being spanked. Using the Bottoms Up card game could allow that narrative to be changed — with partners “switching” off based on gameplay.

Alternatively, if partners decide that they like having fixed roles of Top (Giving the Swats) and Bottom (Receiving the Swats), the “winner” of the game could instead choose to get the swats they earned through gameplay, instead of giving them to their partner.

More Ways to Play


Remove the implement cards first. Deal each player 7 cards. If there are more than three players, deal 5 cards each. The rest of the deck is then spread out in the middle of the players face down. This can be called the Pool of Spanks.

Each player gets a turn in clockwise order (to the player's left).
During a turn the player asks another player if they have a particular Number, Color, or Booty Photo of card.
For example, Player 1 may ask Player 2 if they have any nines. If 2 has any nines, then they must give all of their nines to 1. If 2 doesn't have any nines, then they say: "No SPANKS!".

Alternatively, Player 1 may ask Player 2 if they have any cards with photos of upside-down heart booties. If 2 has any upside-down heart booties, then they must give all of those cards to 1. If 2 doesn't have any upside-down heart booties then they say: "No SPANKS!".

Lastly, Player 1 may ask Player 2 if they have any cards with the color pink. If 2 has any pink cards, then they must give all of them to 1. If 2 doesn't have any pink cards, then they say: "No SPANKS!".

When you hear “No SPANKS!" you can take any card from the pool of spanks. If Player 1 gets the cards they asked for, either from the pool or from Player 2, then Player 1 gets another turn.

If Player 1 gets a pair of matching cards, then they can put the cards face up in front of them and go again.

Winning the Game

No SPANKS is over when one player runs out of cards or there are no more cards in the pool. The winner is then determined by who has the most piles or pairs of spanks in front of them.

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KinkKit Team