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This Quarter’s Sexperience

Discover a new intimacy as you dominate and submit to your lover.

Lovers who share power equally are more likely to be successful in their relationship. Issues and resentment arise when power relations are unequal between partners -- especially in the bedroom.

Our Art of Control kit helps lovers become aware of their intimate power with powerplay activities designed to heighten intimacy, trust, vulnerability, and communication

Couples who sexplore with The Art of Control will become more aware of how they take and give control to each other equally  -- and how fluid their power dynamic really is. 


What's in this kit?

The Art of Control Kit has all the tools lovers need to gain control over their Intimate Powerplay.

Sexplore activities around intimate service, body painting, rewards and "funishment", safewords, sexual to-do lists, erotic scenarios, and good vibes at the push of a button.

9 Sexy Games & Scenarios with Instructional Cards

+ 8 sexy accessories curated *JUST* for these activities


(Warning: May trigger FOMO.)