Connect with your lover on another level.

Anyone who has had a mind-blowing sexual experience can tell you they were fully present and engaged in the moment.

Full presence is very difficult to achieve, especially with all the distractions of technology and our fast-paced world. 

Our second kit, The Art of Presence, is about countering those distractions to be fully present with your partner: emotionally, physically, and energetically.

The Tantric-inspired activities in this kit are designed to heighten focus, mindfulness, and connectedness.



What's in this kit?

The Art of Presence Kit has all the tools lovers need to perfect their Sexual Presence - the magic ingredient for mind-blowing sexual intimacy.

Explore games and activities around intimate service, body worship, body painting, erotic massage, and couples’ meditation.

7 Sexy Games & Scenarios with Instructional Cards

+ 6 sexy accessories curated *JUST* for these activities


(Warning: May trigger FOMO.)