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Play your way to better sex.

Introducing the KinkKit, the world's first experiential subscription for better sex!

Think of us like your personal intimacy coach... in a box!


Put a kink in
your screw.


We all have sex.
But it's tough to talk about it.
Talking about what you REALLY want in bed?
Even tougher.

So we designed the KinkKit, board games for sexploration that make conversations about intimacy approachable and fun.


More than just
sex toys.

Our Sexperiential Learning™ Kits are packed with inclusive, playful experiences designed to get you talking about your needs, desires, and limits.

Each KinkKit is designed by our founder, an intimacy expert and educator from Harvard, and backed by dozens of studies on cognitive neuroscience, linguistic theory, relationship psychology, education pedagogy, and studies on sexual arousal.


Icebreakers for


Great sex doesn’t require difficult positions or expensive toys — it’s all about
effective intimate communication.

The KinkKit makes it easy to start the conversation with customizable games in every kit, plus unique products to amplify the experience.

Game night will never be the same!


Find Your Flavor

First, pick a starter box to kick-off your subscription with our Taste Test.

Then, each quarter you’ll receive a themed KinkKit filled with customizable game options to get mild or wild, so you can find a flavor that works for you, like pistachio.

Or rocky road with cookie dough, caramel drizzle, rainbow sprinkles, and whipped cream with a cherry on top.

Get as extra as you want.
It’s your sex life, after all.


Great Sex May Cause:

caution great.png

Check with your partner to see if the KinkKit is the right option for your sex life.


They came.
They played.
They came again.

Not to sound dramatic, but I think the KinkKit may have just changed my sex life forever.
— Babe Magazine
My boyfriend was hesitant at first... now he asks if we can stay in and “KinkKit”.
— satisfied subscriber
I’m such a fan [...] My partner and I especially love that the boxes are gender neutral and can be enjoyed by anyone!
— Satisfied subscriber
Y’alls [games] have made me more adventurous in the last week than I have been my entire life! My hubbs and I have had the best sex ever!
— satisfied subscriber
You’re an angel bringing kink back to the bedroom.
— Satisfied subscriber
I can’t thank you enough for creating KinkKit. The more time that passes, the better the bedroom is getting & KinkKit has helped so much [...] My husband & I are making more time in that area, and we can’t thank you enough for helping us achieve that [...] I will forever be thankful for you!
— Satisfied subscriber

Everyone deserves great sex.

At Two to Tango, we believe great sex is a basic human right.

So we created a new approach to “sex education” that focuses on hands-on pleasure
while tackling the taboos of intimate communication —
so that anybody with any body can enjoy a consistently passionate sex life!

It’s like your own private intimacy coach, in a box.

Read more about our mission to change the conversation on Kink and intimate communication below.


Don’t suffer from FOMO.